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We also provide custom-made temperature sensors specially designed for Food & Beverage industry. In our product range, we offer RTD, thermocouples, Temperature Transmitters, Thermowells, and more.
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EJ Scale (1200G/0.01G)

Measuring Range 1.2 kg / 0.01g
Accuracy ±0.01g
Resolution 0.01g
Units kg, lbs, g, oz, lb-oz
Tare Max
Display Indicators Center of Zero, NET, Battery Usage
Keyboard Re zero, Tare, Accumulate the weighing data, PCS & On/Off
Resolution Display 1/3000
Platform Size 4.5″ Round
Power Supply DC 6V/ Rechargeable Battery.
Product Certifications  OIML R76/2006-DK3-16.02, EU Type
Operating Temperature 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)
IP Rating NA
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