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We also provide custom-made temperature sensors specially designed for Food & Beverage industry. In our product range, we offer RTD, thermocouples, Temperature Transmitters, Thermowells, and more.
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REED R2800 Temperature Simulator

Display 6-Digit LCD
Zero Adjustment Button Yes
Kick Stand Yes
Power Supply 2 “AA” Batteries
Cold Junction Compensation Yes
Auto Shut Off Yes (after 15 mins/off)
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Replaceable Test Leads Yes
Product Certifications CE
Operating Temperature 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 85%
Storage Temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
Dimensions 7.1 x 3.5 x 1.9″ (180 x 90 x 47mm)
Weight 8.2oz (500g)


REED R2800 Offers

This temperature simulator is capable of generating and converting an electrical signal to simulate temperatures for 8 different types of thermocouples and 7 RTDs. The R2800 features internal cold junction compensation, basic accuracy of 0.05% and an easy-to-read LCD display.


  • Source 8 thermocouple types, including R, S, B, E, K, J, T, N; and 7 RTD types, including Pt 10 (385), Pt100 (385), Pt200 (385), Pt500 (385), Pt1000 (385), Cu10, Cu50; plus volts and ohms
  • Basic accuracy of 0.05%
  • Internal cold junction compensation
  • Easy-to-read 6-digit LCD display
  • Zero adjustment button
  • User selectable unit of measure (°F/°C)
  • Low battery indicator and auto shut off
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